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a failed police shooting at a bart station. more information on what happened just came in. good afternoon i'm tori campbell. this noontime we are learning more about the fatal bart police shooting last night at san francisco civic center station. allie rasmus has left the police press conference and joins us live with new information. >> reporter: we are at bart head quarters in downtown oakland where a press conference involving the bart chief of police just wrapped up
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30 minutes ago. barts police chief says based on the information he has, he says he is quote satisfied that the officers involved in this shooting acted appropriately. now the confrontation that lead up to this shooting happened at 9:45 last night. two bart police officers responded to a car about a man that appeared to be drunk standing on the platform with an open container of alcohol. the chief says because this is an ongoing investigation he couldn't get into too much detail about what happened next. he couldn't tell us how this confrontation between the two officers and the man on the platform started or exactly what this man did to the officers. all we know at this point according to bart police the man had a knife and broken bottle. chief reign knee says one minute after the officers arrived on the platform the confrontation insued and the man was shot. one of the officers suffered cuts and bruises to his arm.
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the man that was shot was pronounced dead at san francisco general hospital last. one of the officers involved has six years of experience on barts police force. the other 18 months of experience. one of the two officers had a taser but did not use it. the chief would not clarify which of the top officers pulled the trigger. >> when you are confronted with deadly force again it's a tool that the officer can choose to use or cannot choose to use. >> reporter: now chief rainy says san francisco police are investigating this officer involved shooting. there were a number of people on the platform when this happened. they are also talking to those potential witnesses. they would like more witnesses to come forward. bart also has some surveillance video that captured part of the confrontation. as for the man standing on the platform that was shot last night. we don't know much about him. all we know is he is a white
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male. he did not have any identification on him. they will continue their investigation again. bart and san francisco police are both investigating this officer involved shooting from last night. >> thank you. investigators in san francisco are looking for the cause of a morning fire that left at least 20 people homeless. the fire broke out at 6:00 a.m.. firefighters say it may have started in the garage and spread to the up floor and buildings on either side. one firefighter suffered a minor eye injury. >> it was a very difficult fire. when they arrived on the scene they were confronted with heavy fire conditions. not just the fire but the smoke conditions. you couldn't see the fire building. smoke had been rolling out in the street. so it was a tough fire. firefighters were able rescue two family dogs that were reunited with their owner.
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the fourth of july celebrations started early today. all around the bay area. fire engines lead off the parade in danville to hours ago. city officials expected 40,000 parade watchers this morning. people began reserving their spots at 6:00 last night. >> we love the danville parade. we are so proud to be part of it. we come every year. now we bring our children. we were here as kids too. >> it's a good way for the community to pull together and the family to come together. happy they have this and we can all celebrate and remember how blessed we are that we are here in the united states. >> this years parade had a definite military flavor with an army marching bands and helicopter and a fighter jet.
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alameda's parade started at 10:00 this morning. said to have the longest parade root in the nation covering three miles and the second largest number of participates. 2500 people and 170 floats. orinda kicked off the fourth with a pancake breakfast. other events include a flag raising ceremony. a big band concert, a book sale and a parade. there are other other parades around the bay area today and fire works show tonight. we have an interactive map of all of them on the weekend extra tab at the big fest fire works show will be in san francisco. the best seats will be along the waterfront where workers are setting up the aerial display. organizers say they will shoot 2,000 separate fire works into the skies tonight during the 20 minute show. one question is will fog be a
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problem? meteorologist steve paulson will have details on that. president obama is spending this independence day with military families. the president, first lady, and their daughters are hosting a barbecue at the white house. tonight everyone will gather at the south lawn for a concert and fire works show. this is the third year the first family has honored military heros with a special fourth of july attribute. troops deployed overseas are also celebrating. they are firing up a barbecue to celebrate the fourth. general petraeus is celebrating his last fourth of july as u.s. commander in afghanistan. he was confirmed the new director of the cia. he will be replaced by john allen. most years gasoline prices peek around the fourth of july holiday and stay add that level in the the end of summer. this year it looks like we are
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getting a holiday discount. right now the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.50 a gallon. that is down 21-cent from just one month ago. here in the bay area we are averaging $3.80 a gallon. that is down from $4 a gallon at the beginning of june. richmond police are investigating a series of shootings in richmond and north richmond that caused three deaths and three injuries overnight. ktvu kraig debro has been covering the story all morning. >> reporter: good afternoon tori. we have gone to a couple of scenes getting more information this afternoon. they told us their version of events when we returned to the scene. the first of several shootings in richmond last night happened at ohio and 39th at center street rather near ohio. the entire block here littered with shattered glass, yellow chalk circles or parked cars and bullet holes. witnesses tell us a man driving
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a ford suv was shot at as he drove westbound. some bullets hit other parked cars. a resident told us the shooter was on foot and shot his victim facing him and when he drove by shot him from behind. witnesses say at the end of the block the victim jumped out of his suv and ran. there is no suspect. a few minutes earlier one or more people fired. police are calling ate drive-by shooting. here again the ground near where bailey stood is covered with yellow chalk circles. they record where evidence is found. we talked to bill lie's realtives that say bailey was in a car when he was killed. no suspect here either. just before 11:30 last night. police say they found two people shot inside of a car at first and mcdonald. police have identified a man that died there as 26-year-old darrell dunkin.
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the other man has not been idnd. >> we have not had indication what was the reason leading up to this. >> reporter: at 10:40 last night two other people were shot in north richmond. the contra costa county sheriffs office is investigating this case. the sheriffs office has identified the homicide victim here as ray anthony hudson junior. the other man is recovering in the hospital. deputies found both men in front of a residence in that street. reporting live from richmond kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. a mother accused of doing the unthinkable. the trial hit a critical mark today. the latest just ahead. >> many people watching the skies. wondering if tonights fire works show will be okay. steve paulson has the forecast for your neighborhood coming up. it was unusual to find skiers and snow borders on the
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float. a reporter doing the story this morning never expected to find this. ;
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fire works may have caused a grass fire in vallejo that came close to duplexes. firefighters were called to
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power drive around 5:00 yesterday evening. a gust of wind pushed flames closer to homes and a fence behind the duplexes burned. crews said they were prepared for a busy holiday weekend. san francisco fire investigators are trying to find out if sparks of flames burned dozens of rental cars. it happened yesterday in and overnose parking lot belonging to hertz rental. one woman tried to capture the fire on her own camera and describes the chaotic scene. >> the flames are getting crazy. i don't know if i stay here. this is not looking good. it's moving along and there are cars are going to explode or whatever they do when they get on fire. >> the flames reignited hours after the initial fire started. firefighters have been looking for any signs of fires but have
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not found one yet. the trial is not taking a break for the holiday. these are pictures of anthony arriving in court this morning. the sessions have couldn'ted in fact through the weekend because of the jurors are anxious to finish up. deliberations began three hours ago after closing arguments. >> it's the facts and circumstances changed over the course of time, the defendants lies changed. they got bigger. they got better. >> this prosecution would raise the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> prosecutors claim anthony killed the girl with duct tape so she could live the life of a party girl. anthony could get the death penalty if convicted. we are just getting new details about the people on a battuta capsized around mexicos
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baja peninsula. it left on saturday with 27 tourists on board. and we are just hearing they were all men and that most are from the bay area. the mexican navy says that 19 men were found alive. seven are missing and that one person is dead. there is no information yet on their identities. the ship ran into an unexpected storm and started sinking early yesterday morning. the coast guard in san diego has sent a helicopter to help in the search. the coast guard has a few reminders for bay area people who's holiday celebrations take them out on the water. stay sober while driving a boat. boating while intoxicated is a crime. also expect random spot checks by the coast guard and local law enforcement. they will be out on the water today. making sure boats have the proper safety equipment. it's a rare convergence of summer and winter sports at lake tahoe. skiers are out on the slopes
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today. but some skiers say they also plan to do a little boating and biking while they are up in tahoe. one skier said it has been 16eers since she has been able to ski on the -- 16 years since sheilas been able to ski on the fourth. a black bear was checking out the scene at al pine meadows today. the bear did not cause any problems. he just wondered off the slopes and into the forest. well from a bear in the sierra to fog on the coast. inland it's still warm. it's still going to be hot but not as hot as yesterday. you can see some of that fog that was there until 7:00 in the morning morning. it has really dropped locations about 10-15 degrees. any thunderstorm activity in the sierra nevada is being pushed south and east. any time you get that fog coming in that does equal a big cooling pattern. we are seeing all of the cooler
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directions on the wind. that is a south wind up in the north bay. it won't make an impact on inland areas until probably tomorrow. so for the fourth if you are by the coast cooler. you might have to deal with fog. and in parts of the city. it will still be hot inland with 90s to low 100s. the trend is to bring temperatures down. unless you are in fairfield and concord. that is sonoma county airport. 79 san ho sigh but 65 san francisco. there is your big difference right there. that is why. the fog which is starting to move in down in cape mendocino and right along point rays starting to stack upright there toward san mateo coast. pulls off on the santa cruz coastline. there is a west wind for many and a south wind up in santa rosa. system is moving into the pacific northwest. it will deepen over time as it does it will bump the high out of here. that will start the cool progress syces. the fog is there for some. even though there is some sun
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on the coast. hazy warm to hot inland. temperatures though are all over the place. anywhere from 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. it will take until wednesday before the cooler air begins to move in. for others temperatures will come down a little bit. 70s, 80s, and 90s. santa clara can go from the 90s to 84 at fremont. 60s and 70s and 80s on the peninsula. that is the biggest temperature difference right there. it looks like cooler weather will take us into not only the middle of the week but the upcoming weekend will be 20 degrees cooler. >> it was a scorcher. and it's hard to believe it was just less than a week ago tuesday. >> that is correct. >> we had the torrential rain. >> thank you, steve. we are just getting new dui numbers from the chp. they are higher than last year. as of a half hour ago 221 people in the bay area were arrested for driving under the
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influence. last year 175 arrests were made in that same time period. the numbers are also up statewide about 1300 drivers arrested. that compares to 13,29 at this time. the chp will continue their enforcement periods through midnight and the final numbers will be released after that. overnight a small plane that made an emergency landing on interstate 280 was removed from the freeway. the plane landed in the northbound lanes near farm hill boulevard around 7:00 last night. highway patrol officers say it's amazing everyone walked away from this unharmed. the pilot had just taken off from the san coverless airport about 10 miles away when he reported mechanical problems. >> this could have been a lot worse. the fact that everybody is okay there were no injuries no significant damage and we are just grateful the number of vehicles that this wasn't having a much more tragic
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ending. >> sources tell ktvu a brand new engine has been installed. the investigation by ntsb continues. runners this morning join the fight against sudden infant death syndrome. they took part in an event called hailey's run for a reason. it was started by hailey tom that died of sides. included a five mile run and a two mile family walk. >> we have been doing this event just to kind of create awareness and all of the proceeds that we generate from our event goes toward medical research. specifically for this program. >> over the past five years halely's run has raised $114,000 to fund research. i head bay area people were asked if their salaries are keeping up with rising expenses. the answer ahead. also a fourth of july
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tradition that some people may find hard to swallow. we will tell you how a bay area resident did.
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if you have a question for the president keep it within 140 characters. on wednesday at 11:00 a.m. pacific time president obama will hold his first ever twitter town hall. you need to submit questions early. the cofounder of san francisco
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based twitter will select the questions and moderate the forrum. republicans might accept a mini deal on the debt limit. they must afree on a deal to raise -- must agree on a deal to raise the debt limit. over the weekend former president bill clinton suggested a mini deal. while republicans would prefer a long-term deal they may accept a short-term deal if that is all they can get for now. they are shortening its july 4th recess to discuss a deal on the $14.3 trillion debt. many bay area workers say their paycheck is not keeping up with rising prices. the prices have risen an average of 2.8%. those figures include a 3.7% rise in food prices. another 10.5% increase in transportation costs. and a 19.4% hike in energy
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prices. next month a judge will hear a lawsuit brought by a michigan man that says chevron owes him a quarter million dollars. perry christy said he set up an online account to buy $107,000 worth of chevron stock. the sale never went through but that was the fault of chef roan an -- chevron and that was the investment firm. christy says he's still will willing to pay the $100,000. there is developing news out of richmond where an officer lost control of a cruiser because of a spitting prisoner. a police spokeswoman said they were transporting the prisoner to the jail when it happened. when he tried to reach something to protect himself from spit he rolled the cruiser and hit another car. we'll have more information on the story on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. many american companies are
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getting tougher on smokers. bloomberg business week says macy's is charging people who admit to using tobacco an extra $35 a month for health coverage. pepsi says an extra $600 surcharge. analysts say companies are looking way to keep tabs on the health of their workers. 28% of businesses paid bonuses to workers for quitting smoking, losing weight, or achieving their health goals. this is a good holiday for the bay area businessmen. the giants and a's both play home games. they battled the seattle mariners in a half hour. the giants take on the padres at 2:00 at san francisco's at & t park. >> joy chestnuts not going to match or break his record but he is going to take his fifth title at the hot dog eating contest. >> and a fourth of july tradition san jose joey
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chestnut outpaves the competition. he put away 62 hot dogs. seven more than his closest competitor. on the women's side sonya won. and that will do it for us. our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thank you for watching. have a great and safe fourth of july.
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